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Interval Capital provides a link between niche opportunities and private individuals. We curate select opportunities that are not widely known – that which most individuals are unable to access themselves.

This work allows partners to connect with something uncommon – somewhat scarce. To the discerning investor, this value is unmistakable.


Our strict focus on niche and specialist strategies, is the culmination of years of professional participation in both public and private commercial endeavours.

In attaining experience across various sectors that include legal, finance and more – we’ve evolved a unique perspective on advantageous opportunities and the benefits a true edge provides.


Considering external perspectives and underlying motivations are a core component of establishing a strong commercial advantage. 

With ethical standards and precision, the right outcome delivers value to all sides of the equation. Eloquent and sophisticated solutions produce results.


Interval Capital are able to provide further detailed information to qualifying parties upon request. 

We utilise our standing in the private finance space to curate and manage specific initiatives for private investors. 

Our duty to our partners is guided by strict ethical standards and a selective approach in who those partners are.

Samuel is a true professional and always very clear. His balanced approach and attention to detail established the confidence to proceed. We're very satisfied with performance
Working with Samuel has been an absolute pleasure. He is knowledgeable and his professionalism ensured complete understanding before making an informed decision
I’ve referred several private clients to Interval Capital. I trust Samuel to handle them with care and respect - and to that end, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback
Interval Capital provided a new asset class which underpins and compliments our other endeavours. The results speak for themselves. We'll continue to work with them
Over a period of months I assessed Interval Capital’s opportunity in-depth. Suffice to say, the soundness of the strategy stood up to scrutiny. It's now my top performer
I highly recommend speaking with Samuel, he is an expert in his field and I'm very pleased with the results


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